Covid testing for Iberia clients.

 Results from 2 hours.

Tests pricing:

Select your test:

Rapid antigen testing:
2/4 hours results

Allowed to enter the US and other countries.
2/4 hours results.
 85% effective. 

✓ PDF digital results.

As a requirement of the Ministry of Health
you must present air tickets.

¢25.000+4% taxes

 PCR Covid testing:
24/48 hours results

Allowed to enter the US and other countries.
24/48 hours results.
 99% effective.

PDF digital results.

To take this test you do not need to
present an air ticket.

¢55.000+4% taxes

Our medical centers:

 2 modern clinics for you:

Escazú Clinic: (40 minutes from airport).
300 meter south from Multiplaza Escazú.
At Centro Comercial Boulevard.

Cariari Clinic: (15 minutes from airport).
C3 Cariari Corporate Center. (Real Cariari) General Cañas Highway.

COVID-19 testing services are not provided by Iberia, and Iberia assumes no responsibility either for the quality of the provider or the services.

Each client must confirm the type of test, availability, the time between the test and the receipt of results, the method used to receive the results and the comply of the requirements that are in force in your destination upon arrival.

Iberia customers can use any laboratory or testing provider that meets the legal requirements at the customer's destination. Iberia accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions regarding the timing or accuracy of test results. 

Before the trip, testing for COVID-19 may not be available at all locations. Iberia does not provide any customer data to third parties in connection with COVID-19 testing services and hereby assumes no responsibility related to the use and/or disclosure of any data provided by a customer to a testing provider.